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Trace Protein in Urine

Trace of Protein in Urine

What does a trace of protein in urine mean?

"Trace protein in urine" often refers to the small amount of albumin in urine. A trace of protein in urine means that it is meaningless, harmless, normal, or occasionally; However, it may also indicate an early or mild kidney disease. In the case of no urinary tract infection and no heart failure, there is a small amount of albumin in normal urine (5~30mg /24h). If the amount of albumin in urine exceeds 30mg /24h, you will be diagnosed with "trace protein in urine".

Most of the time, trace protein can be ignored. The possible causes are:

In the early or mild kidney disease or kidney damage, the patients also have trace protein in urine. The trace protein in urine causes are as follow:

Trace protein in urine in diabetic nephropathy

It is the most clinically significant, that through testing the amount of trace protein in urine, the doctor can diagnose an early diabetic nephropathy for the diabetic. In diabetes, with special urine protein test methods, the trace amounts of albumin in urine can be detected. The diagnostic indicator of early diabetic nephropathy: Albumin in urine 30~300mg /24h.

When to contact a doctor?

Under normal circumstances, trace amounts of protein can not be detected by a routine urine test strips. Moreover, the trace protein in urine is usually meaningless, harmless, normal, physiological. You do not have to worry about it. However, if you have diabetes, then the trace albumin in urine should be taken seriously. Contact your doctor for further consultation and examination.

Last update: 2012-10-16